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The people behind have launched a new Ripple (XRP) faucet.
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Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration., formerly well-paying, still taking deposits for “premium upgrades” but hasn’t paid out to the majority of users in weeks, if not months. currently seems to be operating as a half-assed ponzi, with “some” users being paid. this faucet has been reported to be non-paying by A LOT of users., users reporting 50K minimum withdrawal, but payouts have not been happening. reported by several individuals promising 1.5 percent a week they have changed their rules, their methods etc several times, stopped paying way months and months ago. Basically make it so you have to throw more money in to get your original smaller money out. There really is no profit anymore, the domain has gone down several times, been through many different hosts, and every time they ‘come back’ your balance is somehow smaller. When asked why this is, you are told, don’t worry you will earn it ALL BACK in no time. It will never happen. Just a trio of scammers and a few shills.”, stay away from this ponzi., their site is currently non-existent and the world of crypto is better for it. Avoid it either way, and all other sites that claim to be able to generate bitcoins., reported multiple times as non-paying. Looks like a poorly conceived MLM., same owner as, also no longer paying., not sure if it’s a ponzi, or HYIP, or both. stay away., this will tell you everything you need to know:, site offers multiple ways to buy btc with cash or cash equivalents. far too many posts regarding no contact and failed exchanges. while it’s possible they “MAY” be legit, it’s too risky. NEVER give your MoneyPak number to anyone or any service unless you can get verification codes first or use a certified escrow service. the name alone is a red flag…bitcoin generation site. need I say more?, “automatic” btc earning. In order to withdraw, you’ll need to upgrade to a Premium service. Avoid., by all accounts and reports, it appears this is a poorly organized ponzi., they’ll find every possible excuse not to pay until your account simply zeroes out. convenient, eh?, I’d like to coin a new term, Faunzi. A ponzi site disguised as a faucet. appears to be such a thing. 700% ROI in 30 days. Also claims to get it’s income via adsense at $700/day…site’s been up for 2 days. *cough, bull$hit, cough*, “game” site that has surprisingly high claim rates but requires a $5USD account activation fee. Hmmm….,, same owner as above ^^, and same reason., verified non-paying site., claiming to offer a secure “private key” and address to keep your btc safe and generate more in the midst of the forking. this is ridiculous., only makes money from advertisers by drawing visitors to the site without actually paying out. the simplest of scams. same owner as, in fact, at the time of this posting, redirected to looks to be selling itself as a HYIP scheme. reports are already coming in of weeks’ long delays in getting payouts so beware. ref-link scam. promises high referral rewards, unsure of actual payout transactions…beware., seems to have a familiar design…also familiar scam. non-paying ref scheme. min 30BTC payout! HYIP that gives an ERROR message when you try to withdraw with no additional information or recourse. convenient, eh? Non-paying hit generator. Makes money on visitors with no intention of compensating for the effort.

As a good general rule, avoid any site which claims to be able to generate bitcoins. they’ll tell you to select the amount of coins you want, and will make you wait x-number of hours/days, and tell you the coins are ready to be sent your wallet…in exchange for a small “fee”. Don’t fall for this scam.

Below is a small, but growing list of bitcoin generator sites. Instead of giving a detailed reason why these sites are to be avoided like the ones listed above, these all fall under the same scam category of Bitcoin Generators. That alone is explanation enough.

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Are you on this list? Do you want to get off this list? You’ve got some ‘splaining to do…Fill out the report form with a convincing explanation of WHY your site should be removed. Proof that supports your claim helps, by the way.

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