NOTE: I am looking into the viability of an interest-earning lending pool for non-staking alts, such as litecoin, ripple and ethereum. You can read the beta for it at LEND.

With the closure of FaucetHub imminent, all deposit verifications must take place via Slack, in order to get invited to the Slack group, please send an email to me with your FH username to: postbitcoins@gmail.com


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This is the directory for all the FaucetHub Staking pools. Nothing here but a one-stop shop for the various pools that are running. B3 pool is closed but still staking for those who joined the pool prior to closing. Please read and review the guidelines for each pool at their respective pages.

What’s a staking pool? First, let’s explain what it means to stake…

Some coins (like the the ones below) operate in a Proof of Stake (PoS) system. While other coins like Bitcoin rely on mining transaction hashes, PoS coins offer their balances to the network, “staking” their coins against transactions within that network, guaranteeing the availability of those coins. In return, those staking wallets are given a reward. Some coins offer a % of fees, while others (like BLK) offer a fixed reward.

A Staking Pool is a wallet with a collection of balances from various source (other people) as a means of generating greater network “weight” which is what determines a wallet’s ability and probability to earn stakes. Higher weight usually means more rewards or better chances of rewards.

ATTENTION: Minimum deposits have been changed. All current participants will continue to be allowed to participate even if you don’t meet the new minimum balance requirements. The minimums have been raised in order to increase the reward productivity in each pool.

thumb Indicates pools which are actively earning stake rewards.

download.png The Tezos Staking Pool (XTZ) is currently open and accepting deposits. thumb

blacklogoThe Blackcoin Staking Pool (BLK) is currently open and accepting deposits. thumb

potimgThe Potcoin Staking Pool (POT) is currently open and accepting deposits.thumb

rainimgThe Condensate Staking Pool (RAIN) is currently open and accepting deposits.thumb

pinkimgThe Pinkcoin Staking Pool (PINK) is currently open and accepting deposits.thumb

nav-coin The Navcoin Staking Pool (NAV) is currently open and accepting deposits.thumb

reddcoin The Reddcoin Staking Pool (RDD) is currently open and accepting deposits.thumb



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