Welcome to the NAV Staking Pool


Please note: This is a brand new pool and staking regularity has not been determined.

If you’re here, you’re probably already familiar with the setup as it is fairly consistent with the other pools. Basic guidelines are: Deposit whenever and however often you like, but each deposit must be 50NAV minimum. You are free to withdraw whenever you want, but you may only withdraw coins that have matured (usually 72 hours). I do NOT collect any cuts or commissions, but will round down to the nearest 10,000th (0.000X) this helps cover all fees associated with this coin and also keeps the spreadsheets easier to manage.

You can withdraw all or part of your balance but any remaining balances must be at least 50NAV, and you will need to allow 24-36 hours for processing, but I am usually able to send withdrawals out the same day…the same hour if I happen to be at my computer when the request comes in.

Deposit is below:


Deposit Form

  1. All deposits subject to verification. Keep proof of deposit handy (screenshot of server tip messages, when applicable or txid)

Deposit NAV to: NWxFAsgJW3VXy9ECkc8sntCSY3QhDUx6Pb

Withdrawal Page

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