Deposits are now being accepted for LTC, ETH, XRP, ZEC

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I am considering starting an interest-earning altcoin LENDING group. This is different than the staking pools I normally run in that these involve non-staking coins and are placed into an interest earning account with Tesseract Investments, formerly Whalelend.

Altcoins I would consider doing are: LTC, ETH, XRP, ZEC

As of this post, current rates of return range from 2.07%-3.96%, depending on coin and subject to market fluctuations.

My plan is to create this as a mid to long-term investment strategy so you will be advised not to deposit coins you think you will need access to right away. I am still working on calculating approximate minimum deposits, and frequency of balance sweeps and withdrawal payouts.

As is standard with my pools, I will take no fees or commissions on your deposits or withdrawals, but your transactions WILL be subject to paying network fees to and from wallets. These are set by the network and I of course have no control over them. The group as a whole will cover the investment deposit fees, if any.

Sweeps will likely occur twice a month, with withdrawal request payouts occurring once a month. Again, I will work on a set schedule and update this page when I figure that out.


Deposits will be swept to Tesseract twice a week (15th and 30th), dependent upon satisfying Tesseract’s minimum deposit requirements. If a pool doesn’t meet the minimum at the scheduled date, it will roll over until the next deposit date assuming the minimum is met by then. Deposit addresses and minimums:

Please take careful note of the MINIMUM accepted deposit amounts as I will not be able to credit you to the pool until your individual deposit total reaches the minimum stated for the given coin.

LTC (litecoin) 0.5LTC minimum: MWPWKnnAbrR9gPjHuJC9s9iGD5QStcZLvQ

ETH (ethereum) 0.5ETH minimum: 0x0f9cefa683cb6e04c7264271258ee528f5835e7f

XRP (ripple) 200.0XRP minimum: rPR7Ka7TpY2i6VbkUj3x3d6dRFHi2xTRKz

ZEC (zcash) 0.5ZEC minimum: t1apUZhAGmN25ExtrWZ9RskWzVd7Bh1yGQ2

During this beta phase, all coins swept into the lending account (Tesseract) must remain there for a minimum of 2 weeks. Your coins will not be accessible for withdrawal before the 2 weeks is up. Please keep this in mind.

If you have trouble sending to any of the above addresses, or need to send to a legacy or newer style address, let me know. Spreadsheets will be provided in Slack or via if you are unable to access Slack.

For now, withdrawals will be permitted any time after a pool has been earning for at least 2 weeks. I’ll revisit and reexamine the withdrawal schedule as we go along.

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