Please NOTE: All coins that are sent back TO FaucetHub will incur a 1.5% deposit fee. I have no control over this fee, it’s strictly implemented by FaucetHub (for all deposits). This is in addition to the standard network transaction fee. Please keep this in mind when you request a withdrawal.  To the best of my knowledge, if you have a wallet outside of FaucetHub, either a desktop/mobile wallet or an exchange address, you will only pay network transactions fees if your withdrawal goes to that address instead of back to FaucetHub. 


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Withdrawals can be requested at any time, here

Coins going back into FH incur a FaucetHub implemented deposit fee of 1.5%, per deposit in addition to standard network transaction fees. I have no control over any of these fees. I will try to group withdrawls together that are going back to FH to reduce the network fee, but the FH 1.5% fee is unavoidable. So if you request a withdrawal directly into your FH address, you will be responsible for both the 1.5% and the full network fee. If you want your withdrawal as an FH tip, you will still be responsible for the 1.5%, but the network fee will be slightly less if I am able to group multiple withdrawals together.

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