Welcome to the Blackcoin [BLK] staking pool.


This is the BLK staking pool for all FaucetHub members. You are free to deposit and withdraw at any time. Withdrawals will be processed as long as you have mature coins. There is a 5BLK minimum deposit, and you can withdraw all or any portion of your balance. If you leave a balance in the pool, it must be at least 5BLK.

You may continue making deposits via FaucetHub tip until DECEMBER 1, 2019. After this date, any coins received are NOT guaranteed to make it into the pool and may be lost due to the closure of FH. I will try my best to make sure coins are swept from FH at the time of closure, but I can not guarantee it, therefore, please do not send any tips AFTER December 1.

  1. Read this: Deposited coins need to mature 12 hours before they can begin to earn a staking reward. Unlike other pools, I DO NOT take any “maintenance or marketing fees”. However, I will round down to the nearest 10000th, (0.000X) This will make the sheets easier to manage and will cover all the fees associated with this coin.
  2. Send BLK, 5BLK minimum to: BGM5GLmw2YbZhCKsGB1cLLxC1R9uphbH7K
  3. You can also “tip” me your deposit in FH. If you tip me and I am not online to receive or I don’t acknowledge it right away, please take a screenshot and either leave the image link (Lightshot, etc) in PM, or email it to:
  4. All deposits subject to verification. Keep proof of deposit handy (screenshot of server tip messages, when applicable or txid)
  5. Fill out this form:
  6. Results sheets will be sent out every 2-3 days. Please make sure your email address is correct.

Be sure to also check out the other pools; POT, B3, RAIN, PINK, RDD, NAV

Withdrawal Page

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