Welcome to the Bitbean Staking Pool


Because 1.5 people demanded it, BitBean Staking pool is here. for official wallet, or just buy from cryptopia and send it straight to the pool. This Pool is also an untested system, but reports have been positive. Like all the pools here, except the current BLK pool, your coins can be withdrawn any time after maturing…usually 72 hours. You will also need to allow up to 24-36 hours processing time, but I generally try to do them the same day; same hour if I’m at my computer when the request comes in. As usual, here’s what you need to do:



  1. Send “Beans” here 500BEAN minimum: 2F3jUSzAebHjC5MurKBU8aVqfbHBxELqbd
  2. All deposits subject to verification. Keep proof of deposit handy (screenshot of server tip messages, when applicable or txid)
  3. Fill out this form

Deposited coins will have to mature before staking, assumed to be 72 hours like most other coins.

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Because this is an untested staking system, I don’t know how often or how much rewards might be. You are free to withdraw all your coins or any portion thereof. Your coins must be mature to withdraw. However, if you withdraw a partial amount of your coins, the amount remaining in the pool MUST be at least 100Beans.

Withdrawal Page