Well, we did it. Almost. The devs of B3 really fucked up a lot of aspects of this coin. It can still recover, but getting delisted from cryptopia was a major blow. My advice is to hold on to what you have, wait out all the chaos and be ready to jump on price spikes once the network stabilizes. ALSO!! VERY IMPORTANT, MUST READ:

If you used cryptopia.co.nz as your return wallet, you must change it to a new, viable, working wallet. You can get the official QT wallet here: Github

The latest version is

You can also try creating a new deposit address at one of the exchanges still trading B3. I’ve not confirmed, but heard that novaexchange isn’t taking B3 deposits at the moment. So you’ll have to do some legwork on your own.

The other option is, you can leave your coins with me, I’ll continue to individually monitor your balances, and if we happen to stake a reward, they’ll be divided up proportionately just like with the pool. I don’t want to hold your coins for too long while you look for a new wallet/address, but i’ll give you plenty of notice to take your coins back. Also, for the sake of total transparency, here’s the wallet to watch, and you can keep track of any stakes it receives. You’ll see that it’s only ever gotten one, and that was beating some major mathematical odds. Watch it here: Wallet history

Fill out this form: (even if you plan on leaving your coins with me for a while)

If you are staking in both pools, and you want all your coins back, write ALL. If you want a specific amount back and would like to leave some behind to stake, write the amount you wish to receive, or NONE if you wish to leave it all in for now.


I can’t be responsible for your coins not getting to you if you haven’t updated your wallet to the correct version and have verified that it’s on the right chain. You can go to Block Explorer to view the current block your wallet should be synced with.